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  • can cats eat grass?
    Things Cats Do

    Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

    Cats love to do things that don’t make sense to us. Something that all cat owners notice sooner or later is that cats have an odd habit of chewing on grass. But is chewing grass good for a cat, or a sign of poor gastrointestinal health? Why is my cat eating grass? Cats may eat grass because it’s nutritious, to clear their guts of parasites, or just because that’s what they were taught. Regular grass is safe for cats to eat, so long as it doesn’t have pesticides or weed killer on it. If you want to stop your cat eating grass, buy it cat grass (a kind of potted plant…

  • Training

    How to Punish a Cat (Do’s & Don’ts)

    If your cat is behaving badly—if it’s biting you, or peeing around the house—it’s frustrating, not least because bad cat behaviors are difficult to stop. So how do you punish a cat, and get it to stop doing things you don’t want it to do? How do I get my cat to stop doing something? Avoid punishing your cat, as cats can’t understand punishments like we can. Instead, try encouraging good behaviors or redirecting bad ones. Cats that scratch furniture, for example, do so to keep their claws short; buy your cat a cat scratcher to redirect this natural behavior. Redirect aggression by playing with your cat with toys, and…

  • cat teeth cleaning
    Illness & Injury

    Gum Disease in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Cure

    Have you noticed that your cat’s breath smells? Are its gums swollen, red, cracked and bleeding? If so, it might have gingivitis. But what it gingivitis and what causes it? What is gingivitis? It’s a health condition that affects a cat’s teeth and gums. Plaque builds up on the teeth, a mixture of saliva, starches from food, and bacteria. This hardens to form tartar, which collects near the gumline. The bacteria in the tartar and its physical hardness combine to irritate and infect the gum, making it swell and become red. It can progress until it affects the teeth and makes them fall out. Symptoms include halitosis (bad breath), redness…

  • Health

    Dementia in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Cure

    Because of better veterinary care, and better care at home, cats are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately, the flip-side of this positive is that more and more cats are displaying signs of dementia. But can cats get dementia, and if so, what is it like? Can cats get dementia? They can, but cat feline senile dementia is known as CDS (cognitive dysfunction syndrome). The symptoms of CDS are disorientation, interaction changes, sleep/wake cycle changes, house-soiling, and activity level changes. These symptoms are similar to those seen in people. They are grouped under the acronym DISHA. CDS is caused by gradual damage to the brain as a result of aging,…

  • food for older cats

    Should Cats Live Alone or In Pairs?

    Cats can be solitary, but they can also be affectionate, friendly and playful. They can also fight. So, are cats happier in pairs or living on their own? Is it better to have one or two cats? Some cats respond well to living in pairs, while some prefer living alone. This is because of how cats adapted to living in the wild. Where food is easy to find, cats don’t feel the need to cooperate and live in groups. But where food is scarce, or the prey is large, they need to work together and form colonies. This is seen in the wild (e.g. in lion prides) and in cities…

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    How to Make Cats and Dogs Get Along

    Do cats and dogs get along? No, not if you ask almost anyone, including owners of both. So why not? And what can you do to make them co-exist? How can you make a dog and a cat be friends? Start by picking dog and cat breeds known for being friendly. Ideally introduce the pair when they are both young as this allows the pair to become socialized. Set your household up to be stress-free, and give each pet its own space in a cat-free or dog-free room. Use obedience training to prevent the dog from chasing the cat. Introduce them with a barrier between them like a safety gate…

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    Things Cats Do

    Why Does My Cat Keep Running Away?

    My cat keeps running away from me! It’s a frustrating and common experience. But why do cats run away? And if yours does, what can you do to stop it? Why do cats run away from home? There are many reasons. Cats are independent, so don’t feel loyalty towards their owners like other pets do. Therefore if a cat is unhappy, hungry or bored they will run away. Cats that don’t get enough food at home, or which are greedy, can run away to find food. Cats can get lost, especially indoor cats that escape for the first time, as they don’t understand the world outside. Cats can run away…

  • feed cats raw meat

    Is It Safe to Feed Cats Raw Meat?

    Cats are carnivores, and certainly don’t cook their own food in the wild. So why don’t more owners feed their cats raw meat? Are there reasons not to, and what are they? Or is a raw meat diet better for a cat? Can cats eat raw meat, and is raw meat good for cats? Raw meat can be the ideal cat food, but it can also cause severe health effects. Nutritionally speaking, common raw meats like chicken provide cats with the right balance of protein and fat, and contain micronutrients like taurine which cats need to survive. However, meats prepared for human consumption aren’t always safe to eat unless cooked…

  • cat stopped meowing

    How to Stop a Cat Begging for Food

    There’s no more irritating behavior than begging. You might expect it from other pets, but not cats, which makes it all the more annoying. So why do cats beg for food, and how can you stop them? How do I get my cat to stop begging for human food? Cats beg for many reasons. Begging is partly a learned behavior, where the cat learns to beg because it normally works, i.e. the cat gets its food in the end. Food-obsessed cats may also beg because they’re ill e.g. with worms, when their food isn’t suitable, when they can only eat at certain times of day, because their food lacks key…

  • cat vaccines

    The Truth About Cat Vaccines

    Vaccines have gotten a bad rap in recent years. But when people talk about vaccines, they talk about vaccines for their children; so what about vaccines for cats? Are cat vaccines dangerous, and do they cause side effects? Or do they do more good than bad? Are cat vaccines safe, and should you give them to your cat? Vaccines provide immunity to diseases that are deadly or painful for your cat to go through. At the same time, there is only a vanishingly small chance that your cat will experience a side effect. Vaccines provide protection against feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus, distemper and rabies; each of these diseases is…