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    Should Cats’ Noses Be Wet?

    Everyone’s a hypochondriac when it comes to their pets! You can spot the smallest of changes and think they’re significant. So, is a wet cat nose normal, or should your cat’s nose be dry? And whatever it should be like, what does it mean when it’s not like that? Is it healthy for a cat to have a wet nose? It is. While cats’ noses can tell you something about their health, it’s normal for them to change from wet to dry or dry to wet on any given day. There are many reasons why your cat’s nose is dry that have nothing to do with health, such as a…

  • can cats eat peanut butter
    Nutrition & Treats

    Can Cats Have Peanut Butter?

    Peanut butter is well known for being nutrient dense, and containing lots of protein. If you know anything about cat nutrition, you probably know that cats need lots of protein. So, does that make peanut butter good for cats? And if not, why not? Can cats eat peanut butter? Cats can technically eat peanut butter, but it’s not a good choice for several reasons. While it’s not poisonous, its tacky consistency is difficult for cats to swallow, so could cause a blockage in the throat. It’s also too high in fat, too high in sugar, and too high in calories for cats. While it does contain a reasonable amount of…

  • catnip alternatives
    Product Reviews

    Alternatives to Catnip That Have The Same Effect

    Catnip is lots of fun, but not all cats respond to it. So are there plants that have the same effect, or even more of an effect? And do they work for cats that don’t like catnip? Are there other plants that have the same effect as catnip? There are. Silver vine powder has a stronger effect and on more cats on average than catnip. It makes cats roll around, drool, and rub their faces against the source of the smell in the same way catnip does. Tatarian honeysuckle and valerian root powder have the same effects as catnip, but on fewer cats, i.e. around two thirds of cats respond…

  • Things Cats Do

    Do Cats Only Purr When They’re Happy?

    Purring is music to a cat owner’s ears. But if you listen closely, you might hear your cat purring at odd times when you don’t expect it. So, do cats only purr when they’re happy, or do they purr other times too? And if they do… Why? Do cats only purr when they’re happy? No—purring is a complex form of communication used in many different circumstances. Cats do purr to express contentment. But they also purr as a means of communication, i.e. telling a person or another cat that they aren’t a threat, or that they are present and safe. Cats also purr in what seem like ‘inappropriate’ circumstances, such…

  • cat feeders

    Why Won’t My Cat Drink?

    Cats are finicky and can be tough to take care of. If your cat is hardly drinking, or has stopped drinking completely, that’s a big problem. So why do cats stop drinking, and what can you do to help one that does? Why won’t my cat drink? It could be getting enough water from its food, it may not like its water bowl, it could be uncomfortable drinking from its bowl because of other cats or people, or it could be sick e.g. with tooth decay. However, cats prefer getting water from food, so if your cat is eating wet food it shouldn’t need to drink much anyway (just a…

  • cat wont stop meowing
    Things Cats Do

    Why Won’t My Cat Be Quiet?

    Your cat’s meow can be cute. But if your cat meows constantly, and meows louder and louder to get your attention, boy howdy can it be irritating too. So why do cats get loud, and can you do anything to stop them? Why won’t my cat be quiet? Cats can be noisy for one of many reasons. Cats can meow loudly to beg for food or to demand affection, because they were bored while you were asleep, or can yowl because they’re in heat. Cats can also be loud and defensive when they’re in pain. If you’re not sure why your cat is loud all the time, and it seems…

  • can cats eat eggs
    Nutrition & Treats

    Can Cats Have Eggs?

    Cats love stuffing their faces. But would they even like eggs? And if they do, are eggs good for them either as a snack or as a core part of the diet? Can cats eat eggs? They can, although there are better snack choices. Eggs contain the right amount of fat (around 9g per 100g), the right amount of carbs (almost none), and lots of vitamins and minerals like vitamins B12 and D and calcium. While they contain complete proteins, which cats need, they don’t contain enough protein. Boiled eggs and poached eggs therefore make a reasonable snack choice, as do scrambled eggs, so long as they aren’t cooked with…

  • can cats eat bread
    Nutrition & Treats

    Can Cats Eat Bread?

    Bread is a staple. There’s always some in your fridge or in a kitchen cupboard, and you can find it anywhere you can buy food. But just because you can eat it, that doesn’t mean your cat can too. So, is bread good for cats or not? Can cats eat bread? Bread makes a poor choice for a snack and a worse choice as part of your cat’s core diet. It doesn’t contain the right amounts of key nutrients like protein, fat and sugar. It also contains only a small variety of vitamins and minerals, unlike other snack choices. Meat-based snacks are better for cats than bread, so consider feeding…

  • homemade cat food
    Nutrition & Treats

    Is Wet Food Best for Cats?

    There are some people who firmly believe that wet cat foods are better for cats than dry ones. But there are people who just as firmly believe that dry cat food is fine, not to mention that it’s cheaper and more convenient. So who’s right? Is wet food best for cats? Yes, because it’s closer to what cats eat in the wild, provides a cat with water through its food, typically has higher quality ingredients, and is less processed. Cats also prefer it because it smells more obviously like meat. While dry cat food is cheaper, lasts longer and is more convenient, it can contribute to or cause kidney issues…

  • can cats eat rice
    Nutrition & Treats

    Can Cats Eat Rice?

    Rice is the world’s most widely eaten staple food. But just because something is good for people, that doesn’t mean it’s good for cats. So can cats eat rice? If not, what’s wrong with it? Can cats eat rice? They can, since it isn’t poisonous. But it’s also far from the best snack choice. That’s because it doesn’t contain enough protein and fat, and contains lots of carbohydrates instead. It doesn’t contain complete proteins, which your cat should have, and also doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals that cats need. Since there are snacks that do offer these things, and which cats love, you should feed these instead. Any snack…