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    Should Cats Live Alone or In Pairs?

    Cats can be solitary, but they can also be affectionate, friendly and playful. They can also fight. So, are cats happier in pairs or living on their own? Is it better to have one or two cats? Some cats respond well to living in pairs, while some prefer living alone. This is because of how cats adapted to living in the wild. Where food is easy to find, cats don’t feel the need to cooperate and live in groups. But where food is scarce, or the prey is large, they need to work together and form colonies. This is seen in the wild (e.g. in lion prides) and in cities…

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    How to Get a Cat to Play With String

    Cats are independent, and sometimes they don’t want to play. But sometimes, the problem is that you’re playing with them wrong. So how can you play with string so that you get your cat’s interest? And should cats play with string at all? How do you get a cat to play with string? Practise wiggling the string from side to side to entice the cat. Move it slowly away from the cat, allowing it to catch on the floor (which works best if you have carpet) so that it can move in a jerky, unpredictable fashion. Then, hide it around a corner to pique your cat’s curiosity. While cats love…

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    Can You Go On Vacation If You Have a Cat?

    So, you have a cat. But you also want to have a life. You may think that your cat will run away if you go on holiday, run out of food, or be miserable. So can you go on holiday if you have a cat—and if so, how do you avoid these problems? Can you go on vacation if you have a cat? You can, so long as you’ve prepared your cat first, and you make suitable arrangements. Have somebody come and check on your cat occasionally, or send it to stay at a friend’s house or a cattery. If you’re leaving it home alone, tidy away anything that might…

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    Are Cats Good Pets for Kids?

    Kids love pets. But is it a good idea to let your child have a pet cat? Do cats make suitable pets for kids—if so, why, and if not, why not? Are cats good pets for children? They can be. Cats can teach children empathy, respect and responsibility from a young age. Even young children can take care of cats by grooming them and feeding them. However, cats don’t like sudden movements, can be independent and aloof, and don’t always do what people want; this can cause problems for children. As such, whether a cat is a good pet for your child depends on your child. Talk with them and…

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    How to Help a Cat With Separation Anxiety

    Does your cat experience separation anxiety? Does it yowl incessantly when you’re about to leave, and after you’ve left? Does it spray when you’re away? If so, how can you get it to feel more secure in its bond with you? How can you help a cat with separation anxiety? There are many things you can do to stop your cat getting lonely and bored. Spend time with your cat when you can, and before you leave. Offer your cat a vantage point at which to sit so it can see outside; give your cat toys it can play with on its own; hide food around the house for it,…

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    How to Help a Nervous Cat

    It’s no fun having a stressed cat. Every door closing, every time you turn on the vacuum cleaner, and every time somebody comes to visit your cat turns into a nervous wreck. So how can you make a cat feel more at home, less nervous, and happier all around? How do you calm a nervous cat? Don’t make its nervousness worse by shouting, forcing the cat to do anything it doesn’t want to do, and talking to it in a low voice. Give it some time alone and let it come back to you in its own time. To help anxious cats long term, try clicker training to encourage them…

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    Should You Declaw a Cat?

    If your cat scratches you all the time, or you have furniture you don’t want ruined, you may want to declaw your cat. But is it a good idea? Does declawing hurt cats, or is it OK? Should you declaw your cat? You shouldn’t, because it is painful for your cat. The surgery required to declaw a cat (onychectomy) involves removing the nail, the nail bed and the bone beneath the nail bed so that the claw never grows back. It takes a long time for this to heal, and since your cat puts pressure on its paws as it walks, it’s painful. Declawing also stops your cats from displaying natural behaviors e.g. in…

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    How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer

    Overheating isn’t a problem you encounter often in cats. But when it does happen—and it easily can with certain breeds—the consequences can be disastrous. So how do you keep a cat cool in the summer? How can you keep a cat cool in summer? Keeping your cat indoors and turning on the air conditioning is the best way. Alternatively, keep windows open at night before closing and covering them in the day to keep your house cool. Provide fresh water and cool treats for your cat to cool it down from the inside out, and create a cool and shady place for your cat to retreat when it’s hot. Keep…

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    Should Cats’ Whiskers Be Trimmed?

    People trim their cats’ claws, people groom their cats’ coats… But what about whiskers? What happens when you trim a cat’s whiskers, do cat whiskers hurt when cut, and do you ever need to do it? Should you trim a cat’s whiskers? You shouldn’t. There’s no need to, as whiskers fall out on their own, so there’s no danger of them getting too long. Cutting a cat’s whiskers can leave it disoriented, because cats use their whiskers to navigate spaces, fit through gaps and sense things that are in front of them. While whiskers are simply thick hairs, meaning it doesn’t hurt to cut them, you can accidentally hurt your…

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    Introducing a New Kitten (Step by Step)

    If you’ve just brought your new kitten home, but don’t know how to introduce a new kitten to an older cat, read our guide first… It’s easy to get this wrong, and if you do, the consequences can be dire! How do you introduce a new kitten to the household? Always consider first whether you need/really want a new cat. If you’re sure, set up a safe space for each cat in your home where it can eat, sleep and go to the toilet away from the other cat. This helps both cats feel secure in your home. Pick a neutral zone like the living room, and introduce the smell…