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    Should I Keep My Cat Indoors?

    One of the biggest debates among cat owners is whether cats should live indoors or outdoors. This debate brings on strong feelings on both sides—so is either side right or wrong? Is there a middle ground, and if so, where is it? Is it better to keep cats indoors? While your cat will likely want to go outdoors, it’s arguably more cruel to let them than to keep them outside. That’s because cats can catch parasites, get in fights with other cats or with dogs, or be hurt by people or cars when outside. Outdoor cats have shorter lifespans for these reasons. Keeping cats indoors requires toys, stimulation and socialization, otherwise…

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    Should Cats Have Baths (+How to Bathe Them)

    Cats hate water. But if your cat gets very dirty, you might need to give it a bath. So should cats have bath, and if so, how would you bathe them? Do you need to give your cat a bath? Reasons for doing so include that cats can feel better after baths, bathing reduces the level of cat allergens in the home, they can get rid of fleas, and they cause no lasting harm. Reasons against are that most cats hate baths, can learn to dislike you if you bathe them, and can groom themselves. Bathing is more necessary if your cat is old or has lost mobility, or has very…

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    How to Groom a Cat (Step by Step)

    Cats don’t always do as they’re told. You know it’s in your cat’s best interests to brush it, but your cat might not, and it might hiss, bite and scratch to make you stop. So how do you groom a cat for the first time, or a cat that hates you? How do you groom a cat? Start by picking the right brush or comb for your cat breed. Brushes with pins that are far apart are best for grooming long-haired cats because their fur is so thick. To groom your cat for the first time, start when your cat is relaxed. Show it the brush, and brush it somewhere…

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    Should Cats Wear Collars?

    Cats have worn collars for as long as we’ve kept cats. While there’s increasing evidence that old-fashioned collars are dangerous, there are also good reasons to fit one. So, are cat collars safe, and should your cat wear one? Why should my cat wear a collar? There are reasons both for and against. Collars and their tags serve as a way to identify a cat that’s gone missing. They can also be fitted with bells (to stop the cat catching birds/mice) and infrared or magnetic tags (for infrared or magnetic cat flaps). Reflective collars also help cats avoid road traffic accidents, and aid in searches for lost cats. However, collars…

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    How to Get a Cat in a Carrier

    The question of how to put your cat into a carrier is one that has never had a proper answer. Grabbing your cat and forcing it in is a horrible experience for your both. But surely there’s a better way…? How do you get a cat into a carrier? Ideally, use the carrier training method. This is where you get the cat used to the carrier rather than forcing it in. Begin by placing the lower half of the carrier near your cat’s bed, or with your cat’s bed inside. Over the course of days, let your cat get used to the carrier: sniffing it, sleeping in it, rubbing on…

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    Should Cats’ Claws Be Trimmed?

    Trimming your cat’s claws is common practise. But is it a good idea? Does it stop your cat from scratching? Or is it painful, cruel, and unethical? Should you trim a cat’s claws? It’s not as cruel as declawing a cat, but it’s not very effective either. A cat with trimmed claws can still scratch both you and furniture. Furthermore, it’s easy to over-trim a cat’s claws and cause it significant pain. It’s also highly stressful both for cat and owner, unless the cat was trained from a very young age to accept clipping. We recommend providing your cat with a scratching post, and teaching it how to use it,…

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    How to Get a Cat to Like You

    It’s no fun owning a pet cat if it doesn’t like you. But how can you make a cat like you, particularly if it’s scared of you, and even runs away when you get close? How do you get a cat to trust you? Learn its body language so you can tell when it’s happy to be around you, and when you should leave it alone. Respect its space if it wants to be left alone, and let it come to you for interaction rather than chasing it around. Don’t push your cat to do things it doesn’t want to do, and move slowly and predictably in its presence. Remove…