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    How to Punish a Cat (Do’s & Don’ts)

    If your cat is behaving badly—if it’s biting you, or peeing around the house—it’s frustrating, not least because bad cat behaviors are difficult to stop. So how do you punish a cat, and get it to stop doing things you don’t want it to do? How do I get my cat to stop doing something? Avoid punishing your cat, as cats can’t understand punishments like we can. Instead, try encouraging good behaviors or redirecting bad ones. Cats that scratch furniture, for example, do so to keep their claws short; buy your cat a cat scratcher to redirect this natural behavior. Redirect aggression by playing with your cat with toys, and…

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    How to Make Cats and Dogs Get Along

    Do cats and dogs get along? No, not if you ask almost anyone, including owners of both. So why not? And what can you do to make them co-exist? How can you make a dog and a cat be friends? Start by picking dog and cat breeds known for being friendly. Ideally introduce the pair when they are both young as this allows the pair to become socialized. Set your household up to be stress-free, and give each pet its own space in a cat-free or dog-free room. Use obedience training to prevent the dog from chasing the cat. Introduce them with a barrier between them like a safety gate…