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Wicker Cat Beds: Good Idea, or Expensive Chew Toy?

Picking the right bed for your cat can be almost impossible. Will they love it? Or will they just look at it with sheer indignation? Anyone who thinks buying relatives Christmas presents is difficult has obviously never had the arduous task of buying a cat a new bed. Cat owners know that cats will curl up in the strangest of places, yet, that shouldn’t put you off offering them the ultimate comfort. Sure, they may opt to sleep in cardboard boxes or on the top of bookshelves but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out a bed that they can claim as their own. By providing them with a bed, you’re not only offering comfort, you’re also offering a sense of security.

There are plenty of different kinds available. One natural solution is to pick a wicker cat bed. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart, in our latest Catmart guide.

Why Choose a Wicker Cat Bed?

They’re traditional, they’re affordable and they’re downright adorable.  They could be the ideal choice for your new cat bed. Here’s why you should pick one.

1) Traditional Feel

One of the best reasons to choose a wicker basket for your cat, is that they give you the option to line the basket with whatever you like. You could use your cat’s favorite cushion, or their favorite throw. The design may not be super slick, but if you like to keep a traditional feel to your décor, then wicker cat beds are perfect. They’re a cut above a basic cat bed!

2) Variety of Designs

wicker cat beds
Wicker cat beds don’t have to be boring. This one is the perfect little hiding place! Image from Flickr

Most cats will be a little dubious about retreating to anything too encroaching when they’re looking for somewhere to nap. Remember the golden rule of cats: the more expensive, shiny or ridiculous the bed or toys that you buy them, the less likely for them to pay the slightest bit of interest to it! That being said, our wicker cat beds come in a variety of styles. You can choose from basic simple baskets to tiered pet pods or even a pod cave.

3) Generally High Quality

Whilst it may be tempting to try out a cheaper fleece cat bed instead of investing in a sturdy and durable bed, the old rule of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ definitely applies to cat beds. The wicker cat beds we’ve selected below are the best that we could find based on customer reviews. Most wicker cat beds are handmade by weaving strong and durable wicker designed to support your cat’s weight. That being said, your cat will find it easy to pick her wicker bed apart. She’ll probably enjoy chewing on it, too. So make sure to buy one that’s going to last a good long while!

4) Easy to Wash

By lining the basket with a fleece or a cushion you’ll be able to keep your cat’s bed clean by regularly washing the lining, without compromising the structure of the entire cat bed by putting it through the wash. Fleece cat beds never come out of the wash the same!

5) Fits Right In

Wicker cat beds are also relatively small and unobtrusive they’re perfect to move around and to place in your cat’s favorite spot. Always ensure you place your cat’s bed somewhere clean, private and quiet. It’s recommended that you should always have at least two beds for your cat to choose from and at least one comfortable place to sleep on each level of your home.

What to Consider Before Buying a Cat Bed


wicker cat beds
Remember wicker cat beds can be very firm. Your cat would appreciate a cushion for comfort! Image from Flickr

There are a wide range of sizes to accommodate all sizes of cats from small adults to larger cats such as Maine Coon’s, Burmese and Savannah cats. It is important that you choose a bed which is the right size for your cat. So, does your cat like to curl up in a ball or stretch out? Make sure your cat is able to stretch out comfortably in the bed you opt for, never purchase a cat bed because it looks big enough for your cat to ‘fit in’. We fit in coffins, but we wouldn’t like to sleep in them. However, it’s important to remember that cats often feel more comfortable and secure in smaller places which proves bigger isn’t always better.  Just make sure they have enough room to love. Cats move around in their sleep more than we recognize!

A good rule of thumb when buying a cat bed online is to measure your cat from their head to the base of their tail then add a few inches.


Never buy an adult size bed for a kitten to grow into. To make younger cats feel more safe and secure always opt for specialist kitten beds which come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Some cats may also need extra warmth with a heated cat cushion or mat, this includes both younger and older cats who may get aches or pains. Heated pads or mats are perfect for lining your wicker cat beds. It is also worth remembering to ensure you purchase a cat bed which is easy to get in and out of for older or smaller cats. With the traditional style cat beds, there’s a dropped entrance area alongside the high walls to provide extra safety and comfort.


Before you invest in a cat bed, think if you have an appropriate space to place the bed. With larger beds this can be relatively tricky, especially if you’re short on space. Your cat will be more likely to use a bed which is put in one of their existing favorite spots, however you’ll need to ensure that the spot is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Heated cat beds could solve this problem!

Are Wicker Cat Beds Right for My Cat?

wicker cat beds
Choosing the right size of wicker cat bed matters. We think this one is just right. Image from Flickr.

To sum up, wicker cat beds offer a good balance of affordable luxury and comfort for your cat. The versatility in styles means there’s almost certainly going to be one to suit your pet.  They’re easy to clean, too. That being said, some cats enjoy chewing on them, which can make them wear out quicker.

If you’re still not sure either way, why not take a look at some of our cat bed reviews? Alternatively, check out our top five cat beds; we’ve found the best so that you don’t have to bother searching. Neat!