midwest curious cat cube review

MidWest Curious Cat Cube Review

Today, we’re reviewing yet another cat bed: the MidWest Curious Cat Cube. This one is so unique that we’re sure you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

The Cat Cube is a multi-function product which acts as a bed, cat house and play area all in one. It has many innovative design features, and is appealing to look at. Simply put, we couldn’t resist reviewing it.

We’re going to examine the Cat Cube in detail, from its durability to its price. Finally, just like with our other cat bed reviews, we’ll take a look at what other cat owners have to say, and give it our Catmart score out of 10.

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube: What Is It?

To give it a proper description, it’s more like a cat den than a cat bed. Unlike traditional cat beds, the Cat Cube is not soft and flexible. It’s a sturdy box made of rigid particle board, coated in smooth faux-suede. There’s a large hole in the front for cats to enter and exit. The sides of the cube contain small holes, for your cats to have fun poking each other through.

The Cat Cube offers not one, but TWO places for your cats to sleep. The first is inside the cube, on soft faux-sheepskin bedding. This provides a dark and shaded hidey-hole for your furry friend. On the roof of the cube rests a luxurious, thickly padded bed (also lined with faux-sheepskin). Ideal for the cat who prefers to survey his kingdom.

Along with two places to sleep, the Cat Cube also comes with plush hanging balls, perfect for fun and games. The cube also collapses for storage or travel.

Is It a Durable Cat Bed?

cat cube
This cat is desperately trying to communicate its sleeping preferences to its owner! Image from Flickr

The Cat Cube is one of the most durable cat beds that we’ve come across so far. Because it’s made of a strong board-like material, the cube is extremely sturdy. It’s quite heavy for a cat bed – over 5 pounds – which is great, as it means it can withstand a fair amount of weight. Reviewers have mentioned that the cube can easily hold the weight of large cats (12 – 16lbs). Because of the cube’s weight, it’s almost impossible for a cat to tip it over.

The manufacturing quality of the soft bed parts of the cube is also generally good. Only a very small number of reviewers have mentioned a defect with the seams. The plush toy balls that come attached to the cube aren’t quite as good quality, however. Many reviewers claim that they broke off within minutes of being played with.

Is It a Washable Cat Bed?

Unfortunately, this area is where the Cat Cube is severely lacking. The soft fabric parts of the cube are sewn directly onto the board, and cannot be removed from it. For this reason, it’s not possible to put them in the washing machine.

To clean the cube, your best bet is to vacuum it or use a lint brush. For dirty marks, you can spot clean the cube with a damp cloth. However, we would not advise submerging any part of the cube in water, due to a chance of the wood warping. If your cat has an accident, you may be out of luck.

Is It a Well-Designed Cat Bed?

cat cube
The fact that cats like to sleep in a box shaped object won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever put a cardboard one on the floor. Image from Wikimedia

The Curious Cat Cube has several innovative design features. Most cat beds only come with one area for sleeping, whereas this one boasts two. The inside of the cube is great for hiding away in the dark, whereas the top is elevated and cushioned. The cube arrives disassembled in three parts, and it’s easy to put together. It also means that the cube folds flat, should you wish to store or transport it. In terms of appearances, the cube is elegantly upholstered in faux suede, and would compliment the décor of any home.

We also love the fact that the cube comes with several small holes in the sides. If you’ve ever cut holes in a cardboard box for your cat, you’ll know why this is a great idea. Cats love to stick their paws through holes and play with toys on the other side.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides, too. Though the Curious Cat Cube is sturdy, larger breeds of cat may have trouble fitting inside. And if your cat has a small head, watch out for the holes on the side. Some reviewers claim that their cats have managed to get their heads stuck, which could be dangerous. Finally, there is one plush ball toy which does not come pre-attached, and requires assembly. You’ll need to own a drill to screw it into the side of the cat cube. Many reviewers claim that it’s hard to attach the third ball without damaging the cube. It would have made far more sense for the manufacturers to sew it on.

Is It a Comfortable Cat Bed?

The padded bed which sits on top of the cube is supremely comfortable. It holds a generous amount of stuffing, providing a great mattress for a tired kitty. The artificial sheepskin which coats the bed is soft and fleecy.

This same material also lines the cushion inside the cube. Though it’s soft, reviewers have mentioned that it’s not as padded as the bed on the top. It would be simple to add a cushion to the inside, though, if your cat would prefer more stuffing to sleep on.

The reviews would suggest that cats find the cube to be generally a comfy cat bed, though they tend to prefer sleeping on top to sleeping inside. The inside is more often used for play.

Is It a Cheap Cat Bed?

For what it is, the Curious Cat Cube is very reasonably priced piece of cat furniture. The price is higher than some of the more basic donut or mat-style cat bed, but it offers far more features. It’s also not as expensive as some of the more high-end cat beds and cat condos that we’ve seen. With reference to more basic cat beds, it’s on the expensive side; however, compared to other cat condos and cat furniture, it’s a steal.

Though it’s not exactly cheap cat furniture, it’s not expensive either. It’s not going to break the bank, and due to its durability, we’d consider it a worthwhile purchase.

Other Cat Bed Reviews

cat cube
If left to their own devices, some cats will try to assemble a cat cube on their own. Image from Pixabay

The MidWest Curious Cat Cube is an extremely popular purchase for cat owners. On Amazon, it boasts over 2,500 reviews. The vast majority of these reviews award the cube 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

Reviewers in general are particularly impressed with the Curious Cat Cube’s modern appearance. One cat bed review claims that the cube is stylish, and looks like an ottoman. Cats particularly seem to love the dangling ball toys, and playing with one another through the peep holes. The roof of the cube is a favorite spot for napping, though some reviewers’ cats do sleep inside too. One reviewer claims that her cat particularly enjoys using the side of the cube as a scratching post!

Negative reviews tend to mention the frailty of the dangling ball toys, which cats can easily break off. Another recurring complaint is a chemical or glue smell which the cube gives off upon first opening. With time, though, the smell does dissipate.

Catmart Cat Bed Review

So, we’ve said just about all there is to say about the MidWest Curious Cat Cube. Let’s now round up everything that we’ve discussed into a handy list of pros and cons. We’ll then give our final verdict.

Firstly, the pros. We’re basically looking at a cheap and stylish cat condo. It’s a stylish and attractive piece of furniture, which would not look out of place in the home. It offers a choice of two places for a cat to hang out or rest, one of which is generously padded for comfort. The hide-and-seek holes and dangling plush balls provide stimulation and are great for play. Some people actually call them cat play cubes rather than treating them as beds. It acts as a bed, toy and hangout, and two cats can use it at once. And considering the sturdy build quality, it’s a quite reasonable price.

As for the cons: sadly, there are a few flaws to the Cat Cube. One of the accompanying plush balls is difficult to install, though the rest of the cube is easy to assemble. The cube can be vacuumed, yet it’s not possible to wash thoroughly as the fabric exterior cannot be removed. Though it will house most cats easily, very large breeds (such as Maine Coons) may have trouble fitting inside. It’s also not necessarily a soft cat bed. And finally, there’s a small risk that kittens and small cats could get their heads stuck in the paw-holes. So whilst it’s not great at being a bed for large cats, it might not be suitable as a bed for very small cats, either.

Taking everything into consideration, we at Catmart give the Midwest Curious Cat Cube a 7 out of 10. Although it has a few faults, it’s a unique, good-looking and well made piece of cat play furniture.