best pet supplies cat bed review

Best Pet Supplies Cat Bed Review

Tent cat beds are among cats’ favorites. Have you ever lifted a blanket, and your cat suddenly went wild with curiosity, trying to poke their head underneath? Cats love little caves that they can make their own. Even better are bed-caves that they can have forever.

Best Cat Supplies make some of the best cat tent beds out there. They offer a great combination of price and design. Let’s take a closer look at them in another Catmart cat bed review!

The Best Pet Supplies Cat Bed: What Is It?

No prizes for guessing what Best Pet Supplies do. Yes, they make pet stuff.

Back in the day, according to their own online store, they used to make couture clothes—human clothes—in NYC. At the dawn of the internet, they made the rather strange jump to manufacturing pet beds and harnesses. Today, they offer a much bigger range, primarily through Amazon. Coincidentally, if you’re wondering where to buy cat beds, Amazon is usually your best bet. You can usually get free shipping too.

Their tent beds are functional and, well, fairly regular looking. But they do get rave reviews, and at a decent price point. If you don’t know much about the different kinds of cat bed available, check out our guide for more information. Cat tent beds are like regular travelling tents, but without zips (because cats don’t have thumbs). They’re warm and comfortable, dark, and uniquely enticing for cats.

Is It a Durable Cat Bed?

In short? Yes, to a point. One of the key things people want to know in a cat bed review is whether their new purchase is going to last, and this one seems to pass the test. Reviews are widely positive on Amazon, and most say that they’re durable, even after washing. One way that they can wear, however, is if the entrance is a little small for your pet.

Is It a Washable Cat Bed?

This bed is machine washable, or hand washable if you prefer. Because of its shape, it’s actually quite resistant to getting pulled and torn in the wash. It tends to come out the same shape as it was before, according to other cat bed reviews at least. As always, you might want to hand wash it to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged. Because of the shape of the entrance, it’s more difficult to vacuum clean than your average cat bed. It’s also more difficult to shake out any hair of this cat bed than other designs, simply because of the shape. A flat cat bed is better if that’s how you normally clean them.

Is It a Well-Designed Cat Bed?

cat bed review
Your cat might love its tent bed so much, it insists on comes camping with you. Image from Flickr

The Best Pet Supplies cat bed is nice to look at. In terms of design, the outside looks like corduroy, striped and a neutral beige color. The only drawback might be the entrance, which is quite a bit smaller than the actual bed inside. This is a function of the design, as it’s supposed to be a cozy fit inside. It’s like a little cat cave. The problem is that this opening might not be big enough for your cat. The bed does come in a number of sizes, but the bigger sizes are much more expensive, so it’s difficult to say what’s best.

Is It a Comfortable Cat Bed?

Best Pet Supplies beds are almost always made with a material called Polyfoam. That’s a sure sign that this is a comfy cat bed. It’s a little like memory foam: designed to mould to the shape of your cat. According to their own product description, it’s supposed to be both soft and strong. If you buy the right size, there’s enough room for your pet too. That being said, the main selling point of a tent bed is that it helps your cat feel safe. It surrounds them, makes them feel snug and cozy, and comforts in a more general sense.

The outer layers are made from linen and a soft plush material. It’s like any kind of basic cat bed lining. It should be comfortable enough for your cat, unless they have a taste for silk!

Is It a Cheap Cat Bed?

Price-wise, we’re talking low end. Considering what you get, and that it’s a specialist design rather than just a mat, the cost is actually quite cheap. Definitely one of the cheapest cat beds out there. That being said, it doesn’t tend to fall apart, so you’re actually getting a good deal. That’s a big part of the reason why it’s one of our favorite cat beds, and why this cat bed review is so positive!

Other Cat Bed Reviews

cat bed review
Cats love burrowing into things, as you know. A tent bed helps them replicate that feeling. Image from Flickr.

We check all the other reviews, and condense them into one cat bed review, so you don’t have to go rooting for them elsewhere! One of the best things about the Best Pet Supplies cat bed is that it has so many good reviews. On Amazon, it has almost two thousand, and almost all of them are positive. One great example is a customer that bought it so that their tabby cats would have a home away from home, since they travel a lot. The cats took to their new beds immediately, and don’t get anxious when they travel any more. Another five star review said that their dog, who’s afraid of thunderstorms, loves their tent bed because it makes them feel safe. That seems to be a common theme in the positive reviews for tent cat beds, which is great.

Like all products, there are also some poor reviews for the Best Pet Supplies cat bed. However, if you take a closer look, the majority of them are from dog owners whose dogs can’t fit inside them! We won’t concern ourselves with that; this is a cat bed review, after all. This bed is for both cats and dogs, and comes in a number of sizes so that you can pick the one that’s right for your pet. Unfortunately, some people think that they’re a little on the small side, so be careful that you’re buying one that’s the right size for your cat.

Catmart Cat Bed Review

So, let’s take that we’ve learned, and see where we’re at. If you’re looking for an unconventional or stylish cat bed, you may have found it. This cat tend bed is really a cheap cat cave in disguise. It’s a safe space for your cat, where it can feel protected and warm. Durability is pretty good, unless you have a larger cat who may gradually wear the sides down over time. In terms of price, though, if you’re looking to buy cat beds online, you won’t do much better. This is definitely a good budget option. You might not mind the durability issue when it’s so cheap to replace.

One of the big positives is that this tent bed is machine washable. That’s much less effort for you. It also means it won’t start to smell once you’ve owned it for six months!

Taking everything into account, and finishing this cat bed review, we award the Best Supplies Cat Bed nine out of ten. Your cat is likely to love it, it’s washable, it’s durable, and it’s cheap. What more could we really ask for?