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helpful cat products

When it comes to the world of cat products, we here at Catmart have your every need covered. Whether you’re looking for fun cat products, clever cat products, cool cat products, or just the best cat products, we’ve got information ready and waiting for you.

There are so many different cat items available that we can’t list them all on one page. You’d be scrolling down forever, and it would be too difficult to find the information you’re really after. So instead, we’ve broken them off into subcategories, and given them their own separate pages. All you need to do is find the one that’s most appropriate to you. This page is an index, designed to help you with that job!

Cat gift ideas, gifts for cat owners, toys for your cat…they’re all here. This is your gateway to products for cats. Some of them are absolute essentials. Others are desirables. Some of them are just toys for your cat’s entertainment. Even in the case of the latter, research strongly indicates that cats with a stimulating indoor environment are more likely to live healthy, happy lives. Your furry friend deserves a cat toy or two!

Cat Product Categories

Essential “Cat Stuff”

The clue’s in the name with this one. This is where we keep all the information related to things that you definitely need for your cat. If you’re brand new to cat ownership, or you’re considering adopting a cat, this is where you need to start. Ideally, the cat products you find in here are the ones that should already be in your home before your new friend arrives! Click on this link and you’ll find:-

  • Our “ultimate guide” to cat bowls and feeders
  • Information about cat collars, cat leads, and even full body harnesses for cats. Should you take your cat for a walk? Answer: “sometimes”. Go and read the page to find out why!
  • A comprehensive guide to cat grooming products, and cat accessories. Cats are very clean animals, but they do appreciate human assistance with their grooming routine. All the do’s and don’ts are listed for your convenience.
  • A breakdown of the options when it comes to cat litter and cat trays. Yes, sorry, someone has to deal with the mess, and that ‘someone’ is you. You might as well get used to the idea!

Cat Beds

cat products
“I’m going to stay here until you get me one of my own!” Image from Pixabay

Your cat will probably sleep wherever it wants to. Nothing can be done about that. Cats are very territorial animals, and once they’ve decided they like a particular spot in your home, it’s theirs from that point on. There are advantages to both you and your cat to them having their own bed though. There are also far more different styles and types available than you probably imagine. Click here to see our cat bed guide, and also read our reviews of the top 5 cat beds we’ve found on the current market!

Cat Carriers

Occasionally, your cat will have to travel somewhere with you. The cat leads you read about in the previous sections might help for a short walk, but not a long distance. You’ll definitely want a quality, reliable cat carrier to help you. When most people think ‘cat carrier’, they think of trips to the vet. Unfortunately, that’s their most common use. Because of that, cats can be wary of them. They associate the carrier with being forced to go somewhere against their will, and they can become quite resistant! For that reason, not only do we have a cat carrier guide, but also lots of advice on how to train your cat to accept being put in a carrier. We’ve reviewed the top five for you, too. All the information is right here.

Cat Flaps

A lot of people are put off the idea of getting a cat flap, because they think it involves major surgery to the doors of their home. That isn’t always true. For a start, they can be put in walls instead of doors if that’s more convenient. Secondly, cat flap technology has moved with the times, and now adapt to most doors, regardless of age or material. Cat flaps are actually a really convenient solution, and an easier alternative to having to get up and down every five minutes when your beloved pet meows to be let out. Check out our cat flap guide, and also our training advice on how to get your cat used to using one.

Cat Scratchers & Furniture: The Ultimate Guide

When we use the phrase “the ultimate guide”, we don’t do it lightly! We take our commitment to providing information on cat products seriously. This site wouldn’t be here if we didn’t. What you’ll find in the ultimate guide to cat scratchers and furniture is a complete, detailed analysis of every item of cat furniture you can buy for your home. It contains everything you’d expect it to contain, and several things you didn’t even know existed up until now. Find innovative ways to prevent your cat scratching your furniture. Also find ways of maximising the space in your flat or apartment, so neither you nor your cat feel cramped! Have we made it sound awesome enough yet? Good. Go and take a look!

Cool Cat Toys

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“Bored of this mouse. New toys please”. Image courtesy of Flickr

If your cat could talk (yes, we know it talks to you, but if you’re honest you’re making up their side of the conversation!), this would be the section it wanted you to look at first. This is where all the cat toys are hiding. Say it quietly, but that includes all the ones that come laced with catnip. Cat toys are not cat products that you necessarily need to have from day one, but they are the most fun cat products. If you’re adopting a kitten or a young cat, you’ll definitely want at least a few to keep them entertained. Here are our thoughts on the options. Don’t let your cat see your screen while you’re browsing. You don’t want it to see all your cat gift ideas!

Cat Related Gifts

Speaking of gift ideas, did you know there’s a whole gift industry built up around cats? We’re not just talking gifts for cats here, either. We’re talking gifts for cat owners. If most of your friends are aware you’re a cat lover, you’re probably used to getting cat-themed gifts on your birthday already. Be kind to yourself, and refer them to this cat related gifts guide. If you’re going to get bought them anyway, you might as well make sure they’re good quality! Also, we know you celebrate your cat’s birthday, too. Get them something nice for their next one while you’re here.

Cat Product Reviews

If we spend all this time around cat products, we might as well do something with the information. Not only do we provide guides to cat products, we also review them. Although some pages on the site have their own self-contained reviews on them, you’ll find our general reviews are stored right here for your convenience. Considering buying something cat related? Check here before committing to see if we’ve already reviewed it.