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    Are Cats Wild Animals?

    Cats are famously less friendly and less people-centric than other pets. But does that mean they’re still wild at heart? Is a cat considered a wild animal? Cats are domesticated, so are not wild animals, but can nevertheless survive in the wild. The domestication process has changed cats both mentally and physically. Some cat breeds have longer fur, flatter faces, shorter tails and so on because they were domesticated. Mental and behavioral changes include the ability/desire to meow (which wild cats don’t do), and a trust of humans. While house cats can survive in the wild either in urban or rural areas that doesn’t mean they’re still ‘wild’. The guide…

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    Are Cats Warm Blooded?

    You might know everything there is to know about cats as pets; but how is your cat knowledge when it comes to biology? Are cats warm blooded? They are. Cats are mammals, and all mammals are warm blooded. Being warm blooded means that an animal warms itself by burning some of the caloric energy it takes in. Simple sugars are sent to cells in the cat’s body, where they’re broken down for the energy they hold. The point is to keep the internal organs warm, because organs don’t work unless they’re kept warm. Cats are good at surviving the cold, but long-haired breeds can get too warm in the summer…

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    Do Kittens Teethe, Or Are They Born with Teeth?

    You don’t often hear about pets teething. But they’re mammals like we are. So do kittens teethe like babies do? And if they do, is there anything you can do to help them? Do kittens go through teething? They do. Until three weeks of age, your kitten will have no teeth. Its first teeth (baby teeth/deciduous teeth) will then ‘erupt’. Your kitten will have these teeth until 3-6 months of age, at which point its 30 adult teeth will come through. Teething is almost always over at between 6-7 months. As in babies, teething hurts, because it puts severe pressure on the gums. Teething causes redness and swelling in the…