Top 5 Cat Beds

top 5 cat beds

Only the best will do for a pet cat. That’s not just because we love them so much, but because that’s all they’ll accept! When buying a cat bed, this especially applies, because if you buy a poor quality one then your kitty won’t sleep in it.

What makes a good cat bed? It should be comfortable and luxurious, but affordable. Cat beds come in lots of shapes and sizes. The five cat beds below are the best that we’ve reviewed: the Best Supplies cat bed, Amazon Basics cat bed, Twin Critters cat bed, Midwest cat cube and the Best Friends by Sheri cat bed. Each of these ticks all of the boxes above.

However, these five examples are intended as a starting point. They may not be exactly what you’re looking for. But, hopefully, they can give you some ideas and maybe serve as a starting point for your search.

What Makes a Good Cat Bed?

If you’ve read our guide to cat beds already, you’ll know there’s a huge range available. If you haven’t, go and do it immediately! The number of potential sleeping facilities available to your cat is enormous. There are cat beds attached to windows. Cat beds can be attached to the radiator, or hung from shelves. Or, you can have a good old fashioned one tucked away against a wall in the front room. So how are you supposed to know which one to choose? Simple. You ask us. That’s what our website is for! We’ve already been out and reviewed a huge number of beds for cats, and we’ve been able to narrow them down to our top 5 cat beds.

Please note we reserve the right to change our minds about this. We’re constantly reviewing new products here at Catmart. It would be worth your time to bookmark this page and come back to it every time you’re considering buying a new bed for your cat. If we find one better than the top 5 cat beds we currently have listed, we’ll swap it right in!

What Type Of Cat Beds We Review

When we’re considering what qualifies as a top 5 cat bed, we don’t look at the price. An amazing cat bed doesn’t have to be an expensive cat bed. Some of the best cat beds are also cheap cat beds. Some of the top cat beds aren’t even really cat beds at all. They could be more accurately called cat hammocks, cat nests or cat caves. We’ve looked at them all. Cat donut beds, cat tent beds, cat dens, cat hangouts; all of them have come before our eyes at some point, and all of them are eligible to qualify for this list.

There are hundreds of cat bed ideas out there, from home made cat beds to designer cat beds. Ultimately, the only quality your cat is really interested in is comfy cat beds! We’re just interested in the overall package; quality, price, practicality. Ultimately, cats need their sleep just as much as humans do, and we’re here to help make sure yours gets its regular forty winks. Without further ado, here they are.

The Top 5 Cat Beds

Before we start, we should point something very important out. These top 5 cat beds are not listed in any order. They’re just the top 5, they’re not ranked from 1-5. Just narrowing the vast field of top cat beds down to five was difficult. Putting them in any kind of order is way too difficult and way too subjective. All five of them are great. Depending on the personality of your cat, any of them should work just fine. Now we’re clear on that, we’ll begin!

The Best Supplies Cat Bed

The Best Supplies Cat Bed is, as you may have guessed from looking at it, a tent cat bed. Cats just adore these beds. They strike just the right balance between a cave they can dive into, and a practical sleeping solution. Many companies make tent cat beds. By our estimation, nobody does it better than Best Supplies. If you name your brand “best supplies” you better make sure your products are worthy of that title, and they definitely haven’t let themselves down. Here’s why we think it deserves to be ranked as one of the top 5 cat beds.

First off, they’re durable. You might think that being able to survive regular use is a given for good cat beds, but it isn’t. Many reviews posted online of popular models report that within a year they’ve been battered beyond any use. There are also some models that fall apart when washed, or tear when an enthusiastic cat digs its claws into it. Although no bed will last forever, all signs suggest that this one is a solid bet.

If you’re looking at the entrance and thinking it would be a snug fit for your cat, fear not; this tent bed comes in a range of sizes. Whether your cat is a little kitten or a larger gentleman or lady, you can buy a size that suits. The material is polyfoam; very similar to the ‘memory foam’ that you might have in your own mattress. That means your cat should be able to make itself a nice little cosy groove to sleep in! It’s also comparatively cheap; especially for a ‘covered’ cat bed as opposed to an open basket. See our full review here for all the finer details.

The Amazon Basics Cat Bed

We won’t beat around the bush here; this is one of our favourite cat beds on the market. If we did turn this into a structured list of our top 5 cat beds, this would be close to the top. It falls under the ‘Amazon Basics’ line of products; a heading they apply to a whole range of products which cover many household goods as well as pet items. The idea behind the line is that you can obtain good quality items for your home without spending top-of-the-line money. What that really means for you is that it’s available at a good price.

The most accurate description for this product would be to call it a donut cat bed. It’s soft in the middle, and surrounded by walls on all sides which should make your cat feel safe and secure. The sides and bottom are made from polyester, which means it’s durable, and it’s also safe for machine washing. Durability wise, it may not hold up as well as the other beds on this list, but then when you pay a lower price you have to expect that as a consequence. The design is solid enough; it’s got enough room to fit two average sized cats, and the stitching holds up unless really determined claws get at it. That probably goes for most things in your home though, including you!

You can tell just by looking at the picture that it’s soft and comfortable. Field reports suggest that even really choosy sleepers are happy to dive into this one when they feel like taking a nap. The only minor quibble is that the cushion inside the bed doesn’t come out, so if it needs washing, you have to wash the whole thing. Overall, you’ll struggle to find a better option on a budget. Just bear in mind you’ll more than likely be replacing it in a year or two. Our full review is here, with all the details.

Twin Critters Hand Crafted Cat Cave

Who needs a bat cave when you’ve got a cat cave? Just look at that picture and tell us that little kitty doesn’t look snug! It has everything a cat looks for in a bed; comfort, security and privacy. Cats are naturally anxious creatures; when they go to sleep, they like to feel protected on all sides. This is a bed that fulfils that requirement completely. That makes cat caves a popular choice among cat owners.

Our full review here will give you the deep detail on this Twin Critters product, but here are the headlines. Twin Critters are not like most brands who manufacture pet equipment. They pride themselves on creating environmentally friendly products, and in the case of their cat cave, they’re all made from 100% New Zealand sheep wool. They’re also all handmade, meaning that your product is truly unique, and that a pair of human eyes has been involved in quality checking before your purchase has been shipped to store. The wool is thick and durable. In fact, some cats also use it as an auxiliary scratching post, and it stands up to the abuse just fine!

One thing you can’t do is put it in the washing machine, which will be a drawback for some people. We’ve seen reports from people who tried it by accident, and ended up with a shrunken cat bed! Another criticism is that it doesn’t keep its shape very well; cats can trample it down, and it can distort over time. That’s just a consequence of the materials it’s made from. Price wise, it’s at the higher end of the market. You don’t get hand made, all-wool products cheaply. It gets strong marks from us for both comfort and style, but it’s expensive. Try to think of it as a long term purchase though; this is a cat bed that should last for several years.


MidWest Curious Cat Cube

Cat cubes are one of the more curious options for your cat to sleep in. They don’t look like anything else, and they’re certainly not for everybody. Those who do have them tend to be really enthusiastic about them. In real terms, they’re more like a piece of cat furniture than they are a traditional cat bed; there’s a perch on the roof for your cat to sit on when it’s not snoozing inside. If you’re in the market for designer cat beds, you just found one. The cool look alone qualifies it to be one of our top 5 cat beds.

The reason we say that it’s not for everybody is that it isn’t actually soft to the touch, and it’s not spongy. When you think of comfortable cat beds, you imagine something a cat can nest down in and sink into the pillows. This cat cube bed won’t provide that; you’ll want to consider adding your own pillow in for that purpose. What it does provide is a solid, durable structure with several ways in and out, and little holes in the side for cats to claw at and play with.

Washing it poses a real problem. None of the material can be detached from the frame; and it wouldn’t be machine washable even if it was. You can either clean it with brushes and a lint roller, or just accept that it’s going to smell after a while! Price wise, it’s a mid range option. It’s not as cheap as the Amazon Basics offering, but nor is it as expensive as the cat cave. Remember that you’re paying for more than a bed; there’s two spaces for your cat to sit and sleep, so the price reflects that. When we compiled our list of the top 5 cat beds we’ve reviewed, we wanted to include variety. This non-traditional bed offers exactly that. Our full review is here.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Well, isn’t that a name and a half? We’ll call it the “Deep Dish Cuddler” just to be efficient while we’re discussing it! You may already have noticed that the animal in the picture to the left is, in fact, a dog. We haven’t made an error and included a dog bed in our top 5 cat beds list. The Deep Dish Cuddler is in fact a bed that’s suitable for all pets; it doesn’t discriminate!

When we look at that picture, it reminds us of our favourite cuddly towel; the one we like to put on after we’ve had a bath and feel cosy. That’s exactly the sort of feeling that the Deep Dish Cuddler looks to provide. It’s made from sherpa fabric, and it’s engineered for comfort. 

The manufacturer claims that the bed is great for pets who have joint issues; for example senior cats. The sides and rear wall are especially designed to support its occupant as they’re resting. That might be a feature that’s more use to dogs; to get any benefit from the ‘joint support’ features, an animal would have to weigh more than ten pounds. Durability scores for the product are good; although the fabric is one which will wear down and over time and could eventually become abrasive. On the plus side, it’s both machine washable and machine dryable, which means it’s definitely in our list of great cat beds. Its deep and snuggly, and we’d say of the five beds we’ve listed here, this one is the most comfortable.

Price wise, it’s another mid range offering, but if you have a cat who craves comfort, they’d appreciate you all the more for shelling out for it! See the full review for more details.

So there you have it. That’s our top 5 cat beds. Like we said earlier, we may revise it from time to time, so keep checking back! Hopefully if you were undecided about which bed would be perfect for your pet, we’ve been able to provide you with some good options.