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Cat Weight Issues

Weight is a problem that’s ever-present, both for people and for pets. More people worry about weight now more than ever. As it turns out, cats should be worrying about their size too. What cat weight issues can cats get? …

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cat weight issues

Cat Kidney Issues

If your cat is sick, it can be difficult to tell what’s the matter. Internal health problems can only be diagnosed by a vet—like kidney issues. Do cats develop kidney issues like people can? They do. An example is chronic …

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cat meowing a lot

Skin Issues in Cats

Skin issues in cats are unsightly, dirty and easy to spread. That’s especially the case if they’re caused by parasites like fleas or mites. But which skin conditions can cats get, and which are the most common? What skin issues …

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cat brain damage

Cat Eye Health

Is your cat having trouble seeing? Or have you noticed that your cat’s eyes look funny? There may be a health problem you need diagnosed. What eye problems can cats get? Corneal ulcers, blunt or sharp force trauma, glaucoma and …

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cat eye health