Essential Cat Products

essential cat products

Cats are easy pets to keep, and offer great companionship. But you can’t expect to not have to buy anything to take care of them. There are lots of things you need.

Are there essential cat products that every owner needs? Cat bowls and feeders are vital, otherwise your cat would eat from the floor! Cat collars, grooming product and cat litter trays are all vital too. If you don’t buy these things the moment you get your cat, you’ll need to buy them the day after!

Aside from these things, you’ll almost certainly need cat toys to keep your kitty entertained. Health products like flea collars and worming tablets will come in handy, too. For anything else, speak to a vet and see what you might need.

Essential Cat Stuff

What do cats need? It’s a good question. When you’re a new cat owner, it feels like there are a thousand things to buy for your cat. It can be difficult to know what are essential cat products, and what are just just cat toys. Fortunately, we’re here with to shed some light on the matter for you.

Believe it or not (actually just believe it, it’s a matter of evidenced scientific research), there are some essentials for cats that are more than just conveniences. They improve your cat’s mental and physical health, and quality of life.

You’ll find information on all of the things that cats need here at Catmart. We have full pages, broken down into categories, which detail the best cat products, but you can consider this page to be a reference guide. We’ll give you all the basic information right here. If you feel like you need more information, just click one of the links and follow it through for more information.

Cat Bowls And Feeders Are Essential Cat Products!

essential cat products

This cat could probably use something more comfortable to eat from. Image from Flickr

It shouldn’t be any great surprise to you that cat bowls and feeders are essential cat products. Your cat needs somewhere to eat from. A good bowl or feeder is pretty close to the top of the list of things to buy for cats! But what many new cat owners might not be aware of is how cat bowls can differ. They may also not be aware of how different types of cat bowl or cat feeder can appeal to different types of cat. Some research even indicates that a puzzle feeder, or a feeding method that requires some work on your cat’s part, is actually good for your cat’s mental health.

So how do you work out which one of these essential cat products is the best one for your new furry friend? Just click here for our detailed guide and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Here’s a quick overview of the information you’ll find.

  • The pros and cons of basic cat bowls.
  • The pros and cons of ‘double diner’ cat bowls. A double diner cat bowl is a single cat feeding solution that has more than one compartment.
  • The pros and cons of skidstop cat bowls. If you’re not sure what a skidstop cat bowl is, it’s a bowl that your energetic friend can’t easily push across the floor – accidentally or on purpose!
  • Details about special types of cat food bowl that are designed to assist with the elderly, or the disabled. Having mobility issues shouldn’t prevent you from being a cat owner, and these clever feeding solutions can assist. In that way, they’re cat necessities for you, rather than your cat.
  • The pros and cons of ‘catch’ cat feeders. These are also known as ‘puzzle’ cat feeders, and they’re exactly what the earlier scientific research we linked to was talking about.
  • Details about cube cat feeders. These are enclosed cat food spaces for cats who are a little nervous, or have privacy issues. Some of our furry friends have issues about eating in open spaces, and so cube cat feeders can be the solution.
  • Information on automatic cat feeders. Make no mistake about it; if you want to be 100% positive that your cat is the only feline you’re feeding, you’ll want an automatic cat feeder. We look at both standard and micro-chipped variations.
  • The pros and cons of cat water fountains. Did you know that cats don’t really like drinking from plain bowls? Well, you do now. They’re more inclined to look for running water, because it looks cleaner to them. That’s where cat water fountains come in, and you’ll find plenty of information about them on our dedicated page.

Cat Collars And Leads Are Essential Cat Products!

essential cat products

This may look unusual, but there are times when having a lead is in a cat’s interests. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

If you could ask a cat for its opinion, it would probably tell you that it doesn’t need to wear a collar at all. Our pets tend not to be huge fans of them, and the best you can hope for is that yours will tolerate one if you can persuade them to wear it. Of all the cat stuff you have to buy, collars might seem like the least exciting because you suspect that your cat is just going to resent you for buying one.

With micro-chipping of pets now a common occurrence, there are even some people out there who don’t feel that collars are things that cats need anymore. We disagree. There are various reasons that collars are still essential cat products, and if you click here we’ll outline all of them for you.

We’ll also talk about why cat leads exist, and why they’re more than just cute cat gift ideas. As more and more people life in apartments in modern cities, cat leads are actually more relevant than ever. You may not be able to let your cat outside to come and go as it pleases, but you can take it for a walk. They’re also useful for cats with certain health conditions. See the page for more detail, as well as:-

  • A breakdown of all the different types of cat collar available, including safety collars.
  • A detailed explanation of why it’s still important that your cat wears a collar.
  • Advice on how to persuade your cat to wear a collar. Almost every cat will take one if you approach it in the right way. Pro tip: Have plenty of treats on standby. And maybe take a few days off work!
  • A comparison of cat leads and cat harnesses.
  • Recommendations of when it is and isn’t appropriate to take your cat for a walk. Cat leads aren’t strictly cat essentials. They’re not suitable for all cats. Cat leads and harnesses should only be used if either cat or owner is faced with a specific set of circumstances. If you cat is safe to be allowed outside and go for walks alone, then it should be left to do so.

Cat Accessories, and Essential Cat Products For Grooming!

Remember earlier on when we said there are some cat essentials which help your cat’s health? It’s the grooming products and accessories which we had in mind.

cat grooming essentials

You’ll find that most cats are very agreeable to a grooming session. This one certainly is. Image from Pixabay.

Some of the cat food solutions help, too, but a healthy cat needs a healthy living environment, and that’s all about accessorising. As for cat grooming; as much as cats like to groom themselves (as we’re sure you’ve noticed!), they need a little help from time to time. Plus, grooming is a fun bonding experience between cat and owner. Who would want to miss out on that? Having a cat sit in your lap for a good grooming session is actually soothing and therapeutic, so it can help you unwind after a stressful day.

As with the other pages, we’re going to ask you to look at all the information to get the full picture. Along with the full, scientifically explained benefits of grooming for both you and you cat, you’ll also find much more great content, covering these topics:-

  • A complete guide to cat grooming accessories, from the humble comb to the powerful cat de-shedder tool.
  • Ideas for cat accessories and cat furniture you can install in your home to assist with your cat’s own grooming. There are cat grooming posts and cat grooming mats available, and both should be considered.
  • A detailed analysis of cat shampoo. This also explains the reasons why you should never use your own shampoo when washing your cat. Although it may appear the same at first glance, it’s not. Cat shampoo is for cats, and people shampoo is for people!
  • Discussion of the pros and cons of cat clippers, claw trimmers and shavers. We also talk, at length, about when it’s appropriate to use them. You might think that if you have an outdoor cat, it’s better for you and them if you trim their claws. You’re less likely to get scratches, they’re less likely to get caught on things. It makes sense, doesn’t it? In fact, a cat’s claws are very important to its self confidence. Your cat likes to imagine it could still hunt and kill its own food if it wanted to. Depriving it of its claws shatters that illusion, and makes them feel vulnerable. Similarly, most cats will never need to have their fur shaved for as long as they live. They use fur to regulate their temperature. They’ll grow more in the colder months, and shed it when it gets warmer. If you shave them, you’re affecting their ability to regulate their temperature. All the advanced dos and don’ts are on the page.
  • An overview of cat hygiene products that are currently available, including face wipes and sprays. You’ll feel qualified to run your own cat boutique once you’ve read everything through!
  • General recommendations on the dos and don’ts of grooming. For example, if you’re a recent convert to the world of cat ownership, you probably assume cats would never voluntarily get in the bath. You’d be wrong. Some cats love it, and there’s no reason yours shouldn’t!

Cat Litter And Trays Are Essential Cat Products!

This is how logic works. If providing a place for your pet to eat cat food from is a cat essential, then you can bet that finding somewhere for the end result of that process to happen counts as providing cat essentials, too. Cat litter, and the trays that you put the litter in, are most definitely essential cat products. If you’re completely new to this, you’re in for quite the set of revelations. The range of different types of cat littler out there is astonishing. Some of it is even specific to individual breeds of cat. It can be made through different processes, with different materials, and for different scenarios. And then there are different types of cat litter tray, too. Some of them literally are just trays, whereas some of them would more properly be called cat boxes.

Not all litter trays or types of litter are the same because not all cats are the same. Some cats want and need a great deal of privacy when they go to the toilet. Others, although not many, will do it in the middle of the floor whilst looking you dead in the eye! With that in mind, not only are litter trays essential cat products, but it’s essential that you get precisely the right one. That’s not always easy when you and your cat are brand new to each other. You may not have had chance to become accustomed to its personality yet. So how do you tackle that issue? You guessed it; click here and find out by reading the page! As with all the topics above, the information you’re reading right now is just a summary. On the full page, you’ll find:-

  • Complete descriptions of the many different types of cat litter, along with their pros and cons.
  • Explanations of the different types of cat litter tray, as well as which types of cat they suit best.
  • Training advice on how to persuade your cat to use a litter tray in the first place. Many prospective cat owners worry about how they’re going to achieve this, when they really shouldn’t. Cats are intelligent creatures, and most of them understand what a cat litter tray is the first time they see one. Often, all they need is to have their attention drawn to it, and it’s as simple as that. It gets a little harder when you don’t know your cat’s personality all that well yet, and you don’t know which type of tray to provide. Don’t worry, all the advice and everything you’ll need to know is right there on the page.

Where possible, with all of the above essential cat products, we’ve included estimated pricing. It should be close enough to help you budget. We hope that this information, and the further detail that we’ve provided links to, is of use to you. We aim to be a one stop shop for all things related to cats. If you can think of anything that we haven’t covered, please let us know by getting in contact!