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    Things Cats Do

    Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

    Cats love to do things that don’t make sense to us. Something that all cat owners notice sooner or later is that cats have an odd habit of chewing on grass. But is chewing grass good for a cat, or a sign of poor gastrointestinal health? Why is my cat eating grass? Cats may eat grass because it’s nutritious, to clear their guts of parasites, or just because that’s what they were taught. Regular grass is safe for cats to eat, so long as it doesn’t have pesticides or weed killer on it. If you want to stop your cat eating grass, buy it cat grass (a kind of potted plant…

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    Things Cats Do

    Why Does My Cat Keep Running Away?

    My cat keeps running away from me! It’s a frustrating and common experience. But why do cats run away? And if yours does, what can you do to stop it? Why do cats run away from home? There are many reasons. Cats are independent, so don’t feel loyalty towards their owners like other pets do. Therefore if a cat is unhappy, hungry or bored they will run away. Cats that don’t get enough food at home, or which are greedy, can run away to find food. Cats can get lost, especially indoor cats that escape for the first time, as they don’t understand the world outside. Cats can run away…