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    Gum Disease in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Cure

    Have you noticed that your cat’s breath smells? Are its gums swollen, red, cracked and bleeding? If so, it might have gingivitis. But what it gingivitis and what causes it? What is gingivitis? It’s a health condition that affects a cat’s teeth and gums. Plaque builds up on the teeth, a mixture of saliva, starches from food, and bacteria. This hardens to form tartar, which collects near the gumline. The bacteria in the tartar and its physical hardness combine to irritate and infect the gum, making it swell and become red. It can progress until it affects the teeth and makes them fall out. Symptoms include halitosis (bad breath), redness…

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    Glaucoma in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Cure

    Header image coutresy of Innovative Veterinary Care. Feline glaucoma isn’t common, but it is serious. So what causes it, is it serious, and how do you fix it? What is glaucoma, and how do cats get it? Glaucoma is a condition that affects the eyes and causes blindness. A build-up of aqueous fluid behind the lens of the eye causes the eye to swell, the eye/vision to become cloudy, and the optic nerve to be damaged. This build-up of fluid can either have a genetic cause (the eye produces too much fluid, or the ducts that drain the fluid can’t drain it quickly enough) or another health condition as the…