Cat-Related Gifts

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What do you buy for the cat owner who has everything? Buying them something they can groom their cat with or give to their cat doesn’t feel much like a gift for the person!

What gifts can you buy for cat owners? Robot vacuums for picking up cat hair are a good start. These help a cat owner keep their house tidy without having to put in lots of effort. Cat bedding sets, cat tea mugs, salt and pepper shakers and more are all available at a good price. They could be cat shaped or just have a picture of a cat on them.

If you’re still not sure what to get for them, just ask. They might surprise you and ask for something completely different—nothing to do with cats. Who knows?

Cat Related Gifts

If you’ve had a good browse around our website, you’ve probably digested quite a lot of cat information already. So let’s take a moment to talk about you, and cat-related gifts. No, we’re not talking about gifts for cats; you can see our cat accessories or cat toys pages to find a wide range of items that your pet might be interested in. We’re talking about gifts for you!

The market for cat gifts is already pretty saturated. There are companies out there who create and sell cat Christmas presents, cat birthday presents, cat stocking fillers and just about every angle on presents for cats you can think of. There are even people who’ll help you host a cat birthday party if you really want to.

What’s less well catered for are people like us and you. People who love cats, are probably a little more obsessed with cats than we’d freely admit to, and have a house filled with cat-themed accessories. So instead of talking about buying more treats for our cats, we want to talk about cat-related gifts. We want to talk about birthday presents for cat lovers, Christmas presents for cat lovers, and the whole “gifts for cat lovers” market.

Let’s face it, all your friends know how much you love cats. They probably already buy you cat-related gifts every year, and you’ve might even have had duplicate presents before now. It doesn’t have to be that way! There are actually some really great items out there for people who love cats; things that you won’t be discreetly trying to take back to the store a week after you’ve received them. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest ones we’ve found!

Cat-Related Gifts For Cat-Related People

This cat has enough gifts already. Time to buy one for its owner! Image courtesy of Pixabay

We’re trying to bring you two positives with this information. Firstly, if you’re a devoted cat owner, you probably have friends who love cats as much as you do. That’s how cat ownership works; cat people just seem to be able to identify each other in the street, and form friendships! When it comes to gift-buying time for them, we bet you could use some great gift ideas that relate to their interests, but aren’t cheap or useless. Having looked high and low for you, we think the items we’re about to list would be a great present for any feline enthusiast.

The second positive is for you personally. We’re not saying you should buy a gift for yourself; although of course there’s nothing wrong with that. Instead, you can direct people to this page when you’re asked what you want for your birthday, Christmas, or whatever other celebration you might observe. If people are going to buy you cat-related gifts anyway, you might as well make sure they buy you something that you actually want! We’re confident that you’ll be interested in at least one or two of the products we’ve found below. If we’re wrong, you can always let us know in the comments. We’d be happy to hear from you!

Without further ado, here are five great ideas for presents for cat lovers.

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, RougeSo, we think we already know what you’re thinking; a vacuum cleaner is a really bad gift. In normal circumstances, we’d agree with you. In the case of this specific model, we don’t. This is a vacuum cleaner that takes care of that one bit of pet ownership that you can’t stand. OK, that’s not entirely true, it doesn’t change litter trays for you. But it does get cat hairs out of the carpet for you, really easily, without any need for direct intervention from you. Because it’s specially designed for the task, it does a far better job of it than a normal vacuum cleaner, too. And as if that weren’t enough, it also doubles up as an automated mop!

The bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vaccum Cleaner (no, we haven’t made a typo with spelling the brand name, that’s how they present it) is completely automated. When they say ‘robotic’, they mean it. It’s smooth, sleek, and smart. You might have seen robo-vacuums before now which get stuck when they hit the edge of a mat, reach a doorway, or come across a raised tile. This vacuum doesn’t have any such issue. A clever spring-based system detects when there’s a change in floor level coming, and adjusts to compensate. It’s so smart that it even goes back to its charging station when the battery falls below 15%, and charges itself! The helpful little droid can be programmed with a cleaning schedule up to seven days in advance, but you can also direct it via remote control if you wish. While they aren’t the cheapest of cat-related gifts, they’re probably one of the most useful.

Customizable Cat Bedding Set

Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Closure Cat Printed Design 4 Pieces Bedding Duvet Cover Sets Cotton Comforter Cover Sets for All Season, King Size

Let’s face it, your cat treats your bed as its own anyway. Even if you’ve put serious thought and effort into getting it a great cat bed, it likes to crawl in with you, sleep right next to your head, and shove its nose in your ear in the morning. Why do we love them so much? You might as well go ahead and formalise the process. Make the bed officially the cat’s, with a customizable bedding set.
The set we found actually looks pretty funky.
It’s a minimalistic design which gets across the message that you’re a cat lover without being obnoxious about it. The four piece bedding and duvet set comes with a cotton comforter, and is made of brushed microfiber fabric, designed for comfort and softness. The best thing about it, though, is the fact that you can have it edited to say whatever you want it to say. You could have your name on the pillows, and your cat’s name on the duvet. You could have your cat’s name on all of them. They’ll print anything – you could even have a warning to the cat that it should get off, if you really want it to!
3D Cat Illusion
Christmas Gift Pet Cat 3D Illusion Birthday Present Beside Table Lamp, Gawell 7 Color Changing Touch Switch Decoration Night Lamp with Acrylic Flat & ABS Base & USB Cable Cat Lover Theme Toy
Not every gift on this list has to be expensive. We appreciate that everybody works with a different budget, and there are cat presents available in all price ranges. This isn’t something that serves a really big practical purpose. It’s just really cool to look at! In basic terms, it’s a lamp. The same sort of lamp you could have on your bedside table, or on the window sill. You can put it wherever you generally like your lamps to be! The premise is very simple; an acrylic plate is engraved with a cat design, a light shines through it from the bottom, and the net result is a 3D cat projection. It’s certainly a more interesting light to read by than a standard bulb.
To look at, it’s the sort of thing you might see in a futuristic science fiction film. Close up you might be able to tell where the light is coming from, but from a distance it genuinely looks like a holographic projection. Is it massively functional? No. Will it change your life? No. But it’s most definitely cool. And it’s better than yet another pair of slippers with a cat’s face on them! Best of all, these are nice and cheap!

Black & White Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker

We really weren’t going to include any basic household goods in this cat-related gifts list. And then we went looking for them. And then we saw this. Take a good, long look at the image to your left. Isn’t it adorable? Also, isn’t it a really basic idea, but one that you’ve never seen done before? We’ve seen salt and peppers shakers which are shaped like cats, but we’ve never seen one that actually IS a cat, holding the salt and pepper for you. Simple, cute and effective. It won us over with one glance.

The reason it looks great is because every single unit of these that’s sold is hand crafted. Someone has spent time and care with each one, hand moulding it in polyresin and painting it for you. The eyes are real glass, and have a worrying ability to peer directly into your soul and scream “buy me”. The salt and pepper shakers even come with the product. In fact the only thing that doesn’t come with it is the actual salt and pepper itself. We probably won’t mark them down for that, though. This is another gift that’s ideal for those working to a budget. And yes, we’re seriously considering ordering one for ourselves. It’s the eyes!

Cute Cat Tea Mug

Our final entry for now on this list of perfect cat-related gifts is one that no good home should be without; a tea mug. In truth, the device sells itself short by describing itself as a tea mug. It can also be used for coffee, and it’s more of a teapot than a mug. There’s a detachable strainer in the lid you can use to get your mug just right, or you can do away with that entirely and just brew bag coffee instead. The mug is capable of holding 14 ounces of liquid, and withstanding temperatures of up to 150 Celsius. Basically, it’s durable, it’s reliable, and it has good capacity.

We haven’t mentioned the most important part so far, of course, and that’s the fact that it’s shaped like a cat. It would have no place on a list of cat-related gifts if it wasn’t! Much like the salt and pepper shaker, we’re surprised that nobody’s brought a quality product to market that looks like this before. A cat’s tail makes a perfect shape for a handle. Of course it does! The lid with the cat ears is simple, but cute. As a bonus, it’s not so obviously cat-themed that you’d be ashamed to take it to the office with you.

This is something you could use at work or at home, as a nice nod to your personality, without coming across as slightly crazy. That makes it a pretty strong choice as a gift! It doesn’t break the bank, and it’s something either you or the person you’re buying for will actually use. What more could you ask for?

And There We Have It!

Those are our five favourite cat-related gifts for the here and now. That’s not to say we won’t change them in the future; we always revise all the content on this website, and we’re forever looking for new products and information to bring to you. We’ve tried to include items that feature at both the low end and the high end of the scale, so even though there are only five options, there should be something to fit everybody’s price range. We also think that these are unusual items that you probably wouldn’t find in a high street store. Most importantly of all, they’re things that we’d happily have in our own home. And we’re no more crazy about cats than you are; or at least we don’t think we are, anyway!

Thanks For Stopping By…

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read our list of cat-related gifts. We hope we feel like it was worth your while. Have we missed anything obvious? Have you seen a great potential gift for a cat person that we haven’t seen? Let us know in the comments! We’re always open to feedback, and we always like to hear from you. Still got time to spare? Why not check out our cat behaviour guide, or our guide to essential cat stuff? We consider ourselves a one stop shop for all things cat related, and we’ve got information on the site covering everything from cat health aids to cat furniture. Everything a happy cat and a responsible owner could want!

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