AmazonBasics Cat Bed Review

Amazon have been manufacturing their own range of cat products for a while now, under the AmazonBasics moniker. In fact, they make everything from batteries to appliances, and all at relatively low prices. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a chance that AmazonBasics will offer a wallet-friendly version that gets the job done. When you’re thinking of where to buy cat beds, or pretty much anything in the modern age, Amazon tend to be close to the top of the list.

For products which are designed to be – well – basic, they aren’t necessarily bad. Reviews for AmazonBasics products tend to be generally positive. They’re often cheaper than some of the name brands, while still offering a respectable quality. So what about their Amazon Basics cat bed? Let’s take a look.

As one of our range of cat bed reviews, this guide is intended as a complete review, covering whether it’s durable, washable, well-designed, comfortable and cheap. When you buy cat beds online, the problem is you don’t get to touch the product before buying it. We’ll try to give you a virtual “feel” of the bed. As well as sharing our opinion, we also take a look at reviews from other customers to see what everyone else thinks of it. At the end, taking everything into consideration, we give the bed a Catmart Score out of 10. 

The Amazon Basics Cat Bed: What Is It?

AmazonBasics branded products are designed to do the bare minimum for a convenient price. They don’t look flashy, but they are typically well designed. It’s all a part of Amazon’s effort to corner as many markets as possible. They place a heavy emphasis on everyday items and necessities, including:

  • Batteries
  • Office accessories and equipment
  • Cables for phones, PCs and laptops
  • Pet supplies
  • Bedding
  • Outdoor furniture
amazon basics

A cat will sleep anywhere. But a comfortable bed has to be better than doing a face plant! Image from Flickr

Their products often get rave reviews, mostly based on their price. In terms of durability, you get what you pay for—and that’s the biggest downfall of their cat bed, too. But aside from that, it’s a decent offering.

There are a number of cat beds on Amazon, but the product we’ll be reviewing today is the Amazon Basics 20in Pet Bed, in the “Round” style. It’s a stylish cat bed designed to house a standard sized house-cat. It’s currently available in only one color scheme – brown on the outside, cream on the inside. Although the bed is basic, it’s by no means unattractive.

The top is made from a plush flannel material while the sides and bottom are polyester canvas. The sides and bottom are filled with an ample amount of soft stuffing for comfort. After all, cats do love to be pampered. As a nice bonus, it’s machine-washable, too.

It’s a basic, Amazon cat bed.

Is It a Durable Cat Bed?

The Amazon Basics cat bed is reasonably durable, but not as strong and long-lasting as the others in our Top 5 list. Since it’s such a basic option, you can’t expect it to be as hardy as some of the pricier choices out there. However, that’s not to say that it’s fragile. Though it’s made from a fairly basic fabric, the stitching is decent and it should last a while. Your cat shouldn’t be able to damage the bed through normal use – unless he decides to use it as a chew-toy.

Reviewers on Amazon are generally impressed by the quality of the Amazon Basics cat bed. Most people find that it holds up well enough when used, vacuumed and washed. Though Amazon advise not to tumble-dry the cat bed, some reviewers claim to have tumble-dried it on low heat with good results.

Some reviewers claim that machine-washing can cause the seams to fall apart. Others report that the stuffing is thin or unevenly spaced in places. It seems, though, that these incidences are in the minority. On the whole, the bed seems to be durable enough to withstand typical usage.

Is It a Washable Cat Bed?

Amazon claim that the cat bed is machine-washable “in cool water with mild detergent”. Most reviewers report that the cat bed holds up well when washing; however, others disagree. Some reviews claim that threads come loose when machine washing the bed, leading to the seams splitting.

If your machine has a “delicate” or “hand-wash” setting, this may be the best option. If it doesn’t, we recommend you stick to hand-washing this bed, to be on the safe side. For the best results, vacuum the bed before washing it, to rid it of the majority of cat hair. Furthermore, avoid the dryer, and simply hang it on the line to dry.

Washing the bed may cause the stuffing to clump in certain areas, changing the bed’s shape. Fortunately, it’s easy to manually reshape the bed when it’s dry.

Is It a Well-Designed Cat Bed?

amazon basics

The bonus of a mail order cat bed is that your cat also gets to sleep in the box. Image from Flickr

AmazonBasics products are well-designed, especially when you account for the price. Like we said above, the stitching is fine, so there won’t be a ton of loose threads coming out of it (unless your cat claws it enough, the little beast). Its simple color scheme means that it wouldn’t look out of place anywhere, or clash with the design of a room.

Regarding the size of the bed, Amazon seem to have got this just right. It’s big enough for your cat to fit comfortably, while still being small enough to feel cozy. Two cats could easily fit inside without being squashed (great news if you have a pair of cuddlers). It’s lightweight, weighing only 1.1 pound, so it’s easy to move around.

Reviewers are generally happy with the bed’s design. The only thing mentioned is that the bed comes in one solid piece, so the pillow cannot be removed. This means that if the pillow gets dirty, you’d have to wash the entire bed. It also means that there is no way to insert a cat heating pad without tearing a hole for the cable.

Is It a Comfortable Cat Bed?

This is where the AmazonBasics round cat bed really shines. Yes, it is a comfy cat bed. Although it’s cheap, the AmazonBasics cat bed doesn’t sacrifice comfort at all. The sides and bottom of the bed are padded generously with stuffing. The inside is made of a plush flannel material, making it an irresistibly soft cat bed.

Because the sides of the round bed are raised, your cat will feel enveloped and snug. They’re also able to use the stuffed edges as a pillow.

Most reviewers are extremely pleased with how well their cats have taken to this bed. The AmazonBasics bed seems to tempt even the pickiest of sleepers, with only a few exceptions. On the whole, cats seem to have no qualms with the bed’s comfort.

Is It a Cheap Cat Bed?

As its name suggests, the Amazon Basics round pet bed is designed to be affordable. It’s one of the cheapest cat beds that you’ll find, both online and in stores. When you consider the bed’s quality, you couldn’t really ask for a fairer deal. Some of the more expensive donut-style cat beds are over double the price of this one.

Although it’s cheap, it certainly doesn’t look or feel as though it’s bad-quality. While it may not last forever (or be able to withstand tumble-drying), for the price its quality is extremely good.

Other Reviews

amazon basics

No, kitty, you’re supposed to sleep in the…oh, forget it, you look adorable. Image from Flickr.

The Amazon Basics round pet bed has over 200 reviews. It currently boasts a high average rating, with most reviewers giving the bed 4 or 5 stars. Reviewers are generally impressed with the bed’s good looks, softness, generous size, and quality. Most importantly, the majority of reviewers claim that their cats love the bed. A few reviews even contain (rather adorable) photos to prove it!

One reviewer in particular is impressed with the bed’s flexible material, claiming that it allows their cat to stretch out. The same reviewer also notes that their cat is a fan of the stuffed sides, which act like pillows. Another reviewer claims that her cats were intrigued from the moment it came out of the packaging, with one cat falling asleep on it soon after its arrival.

There are some negative reviews, though they’re few and far-between. The main downside of this bed appears to be the fact that the seams can split upon machine-washing. Some reviewers claim that the bed isn’t durable enough – however, these reviewers all seem to be dog owners. As cats tend to be more gentle, we anticipate a cat owner wouldn’t experience this problem.

Catmart Review

Finally, it’s time for the Catmart review. Let’s round up what we know.

Firstly, the pros. The Amazon Basics cat bed is one of the cheapest options out there, yet it’s durable enough. The material it’s made from is soft and comfortable, with a generous amount of stuffing. Its size is adequate for one or even two cats, whilst still keeping them cozy and warm. Cats enjoy the donut cat bed shape and the supportive walls, which they can use as a head pillow.

As for the cons: because it’s fairly cheap, the manufacturing quality appears to vary. Some reviewers aren’t happy about the quality of the stitching or the seams, whereas other reviewers report no issues whatsoever. Repeated machine washing, or washing at a high temperature, could cause damage. Furthermore, the inner pillow isn’t removable for convenience.

The verdict? Here at Catmart, we give the Amazon Basics round pet bed a solid 8 out of 10. If it could stand up to regular machine-washing, and if the inside pillow were removable, we’d give it a 10. Otherwise, it’s a great, budget-friendly choice for your furry friend.